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Splashes of Looks: February 2014

Friday, February 28, 2014

Catrice PR Event: February 27th 2014

Hey guys!

Yesterday marked the day of my first ever bloggers event and I am very proud as to how far I've come in just a couple of months from starting this blog. It was a PR event by Catrice Cosmetics for the launching of their new products, which are absolutely gorgeous! The event could not have been held in a better location; Level 22 of the Portomaso Tower. The view from up there is breathtakingly beautiful and it was so relaxing to sip a glass champagne while conversing with other people having the same tastes and interests.

During this PR event, Catrice (Essence's sister brand) launched two brand new collections; Eve in Bloom and Celtica. As you will see in the pictures below, Eve in Bloom mainly consists of pinks, oranges and reds...perfect for the very near transition to Spring time. The Celtica collection consists of lovely pastels and I seriously wanted to take them all home with me! There is really something for everyone in these two collections, from shiny eyeshadow palettes, 8hr long lasting lipglosses, false eyelashes, primers and lipsticks.

It was really amazing to see other bloggers getting all excited together about the same things. I had the pleasure of sitting with a lovely group of ladies; Claire, Maya, Charlene and Jessica (check out their blogs through these links!). I also enjoyed of seeing and meeting other great bloggers which I frequently follow their blogs.

A huge goody bag was handed to us before we left the event with a generous amount of pretty make up items! I can't wait to try them out and let you guys know what I think of them. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures below and watch out for those upcoming reviews :)

Products from Catrice's new collections, welcoming us at our tables. 

The gorgeous Celtica collection. The pastel shades are to die for!

Is this heaven?!

Loving these metallic shades!

YAY for goody bags!
And there's more!

The lovely ladies mentioned above.

With my gorgeous friend Claire, from This and That.
Until next time!

Lyn xx


Sunday, February 23, 2014

What I Wore: Camel and Grey

Yes, I am still obsessed with quilted material. I wore this lovely grey skater dress for the first time and I loved its fit. I don't think I have any other dress in this colour which is why I opted for this shade when choosing this dress. I was always of the opinion that grey and camel would not work but I think this outfit proved me wrong.

Have a great Sunday!

Lyn xxx

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Review- Anatomicals Shampoo & Conditioner

Hey guys!

This review has been a long time coming but on the plus side, the prolonged wait gave me more time to test these two products out. I can now understand what the fuss is all about with the Anatomicals products and that it is definitely worth it!

When checking out the vast variety of products Anatomicals have, I decided to purchase the Peachy Head shampoo and The Sleek Shall Inherit the Earth conditioner. The reasons why I chose these products were, firstly because I was running out of my previous shampoo and conditioner. On the other hand, I like testing out new products for my hair instead of just sticking to a particular brand.

In this case, I think I will stick to Anatomicals for quite a long while since they succeeded in doing wonders for my hair. The shampoo is targeted for 'suicidal hair' and I can definitely see and feel the changes. My hair is so much smoother and shiner than it used to be. As for the conditioner, I could instantly feel my hair softer as soon as I rinsed my hair. My hair retained the peachy smell of the Peachy Head shampoo for two to three days which was a pleasant surprise.

I will definitely re-stock them once I run out! Make sure you try Anatomicals and their funky names. They will soon make you wonder how you used to survive without them.

Have you tried Anatomicals yet? What do you think? 

Lyn xx 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

What I Wore: Puppy Love

Today's outfit post might come as a shock to people who know me and my style as I normally don't do leggings. Let alone printed ones! But this year is all about speaking up, taking risks and exploring and finding myself. Yes, very philosophical. But I only speak the truth.

With Valentine's Day tomorrow, this pair of heart printed leggings arrived just in time for the appropriate season. It was rather cold today, so I layered up with my denim/tartan shirt, red knitwear and a basic black coat. And yes, I had to take the pictures myself as it was a very long day at Uni with no time to eat and breathe. We all know what that's like!

Lyn xx

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What I Wore: Sky High

Hey guys!

We were blessed enough to have St. Paul shipwrecked on our little island and in return, we were given a public holiday. The weather was lovely yesterday and I decided to take a well-deserved day off from assignments and books and went to Marscascala to enjoy the sun!

I wore this grey sweater for the first time, which I bought of a little blog sale by Confessions of a former size 6 (THANK YOU!)


Yesterday's outfit consisted off this lovely sweater and my Zara jeggings. I wanted to keep my outfit as simple as possible as we planned to go for a walk. The black bag is from a random Ebay seller and the rings are from Asos, which I had totally forgotten about them for a while. They're now my new-found love!

I loved the sweater so much that I wore again to Uni today. I paired it with a denim jacket, a colourful statement necklace from Mvintage and my lilac creepers.

St. Paul, you're welcome to stop by anytime!

Lyn xxx

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Spotty Dotty: Weekend Outfits

Heyy :)

I promised something special today and here it is! This is a double outfit post of what I wore this Friday and Saturday night. I haven't been doing any outfit posts recently, well mainly because I haven't been going out much. But I'm slowly getting my life back! YAY!

This is what I wore on Friday evening for a movie date. My boyfriend and I went to see 12 Years a Slave which was such a heartbreakingly good film! Both the heart print dress and the fuzzy sweater are from Newlook. I decided to wear black wool tights to keep me warm as well since I didn't feel like carrying a jacket or coat with me. The cut-out boots are from Boohoo and it's beginning to feel like I wear them all the time!

Saturday Night

We finally got round in going for our anniversary dinner which was almost two weeks ago! I wore a brand new white quilted dress with a blue spotted print from Boohoo. I am in love with this dress, especially the quilted material. I paired it up with my Zara pastel pink coat, black tights and black brogue wedges. And that gorgeous statement necklace is from Mvintage, which I absolutely adore!

Also, I apologise for the horrible quality of these photos but both my boyfriend and I forgot to take our camera out with us.

I promise that there will be more outfit posts (with better photos) in the near future now that I'm slowly getting a bit of my social life back.

Enjoy your Monday which will feel like Sunday tomorrow!

Lyn xx

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Review: Essence 112 Time for Romance

Hey everyone!

Yes I'm still alive even though I took a break from blogging this week to finish off some assignments. I've still got two more to go but we're getting there! I've skipped this week's Friday Favourites but don't worry, I've got something else planned for tomorrow so watch out for that :)

I was in a dire need for some stress relief and when I feel stress kicking in, I shop (my poor Visa!). I was browsing through the make-up section at the University Health Store and the Essence Colour & Go, 112 Time for Romance nail polish caught my eye. At first I thought it was too sparkly and gave off a Christmasy feel but I decided to but it anyway. I need a little glitter in my life right now!

I normally wouldn't go for a sparkly colour but as I said, something about this particular shade made it stand out from all the others that were on display. As you can tell from the picture, when this nail polish is applied, it produces little pieces of glitters which are not too chunky to make them stand out but just the right size for someone to notice them.

It is advisable to apply two coatings of this shade since the first one will leave it quick pale. Normally, all the Essence nail polishes that I try out last for a good four days. I also decided to use the Essence Quick Dry Topcoat to stretch out those extra two days. And what is there to complain with regards to their ridiculously cheap price?! You really cannot go wrong!

Do you like this colour? Let me know what you think!

Make sure to check back for tomorrow's post!

Lyn xx