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Splashes of Looks: December 2013

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nail Polish Heaven

Hey guys :) So this post has got nothing to do with today being the last day of 2013. I happen to believe that if you want to change your life, you don't have to wait for the start of a new year to do so. I also don't want to review what has happened to me this year because I really wouldn't know where to begin. So while I wish you all the best for the upcoming year, here's a normal and ordinary post coming your way.

If you follow me on my Facebook page, last Friday I posted a picture of my two nail polishes which I got from Inglot. They have joined my very vast nail polish collection. I'm never tired of buying new colours to style my nails with. However, my main problem is that practically all the nail polishes I purchase seem to chip off VERY quickly! My nails can't seem to handle nail polish for more than three days and while I love trying on new colours, I really hate it when I have to take it off every couple of days. But the Inglot nail polishes are working very hard to be the ones to change that.

I applied the lilac nail polish ( Nail Enamel number 386) on Friday evening, shown in the picture below and it is still going strong after four days with no chipped pieces yet. I'm only taking it off because I want to apply a stronger and bolder colour to go with my NYE outfit. I also love the type of colour it takes when applied. It's very neat and delicate if you're looking for a cute pastel look. Thumbs up also goes to the brush since I found it a good applicator, being very soft and covering all the nail with one move.

Coming from a girl who constantly complains about chipped nail polishes, I honestly have nothing to complain about this time round! I can't wait to try out the pink one next time (Nail Enamel number 123).

Inglot Nail Polishes Left: Nail Enamel 386 Right: Nail Enamel 123
Inglot Nail Polishes 
Left: Nail Enamel 386 
Right: Nail Enamel 123

After applying Inglot Nail Enamel 386
      After applying Inglot Nail Enamel 386
On an unrelated note, have a great NYE and please be safe and don't drink and drive.

See you all next year xxx


Sunday, December 29, 2013

NYE Dresses

Hi everyone!

It's almost New Year's Eve! How did that happen? We're all so busy these days, or at least I am. I didn't even have time to go dress shopping for a new dress to wear this NYE. What a shame. Thank God I've got one too many dresses in my wardrobe that I haven't worn yet so I guess I'll have to chose one of those.

Here's what I would have looked for in the shops or online sites this year in a NYE dress. Which one do you like best??


Lyn x


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Gifts

Hey guys! While I hope you had an amazing day, filled with too much food and family, I wanted to share with you what I got for Christmas :)


1. I have been whining and waiting for the perfect white bag for a while now. To be quite frank, I'm not a fan of white bags or shoes but I wanted something of the sort since the right white bag can compliment any look. My boyfriend decided to be the listening and loving type this year and found a perfect match from Boohoo. With a touch of black lining around the patterns, I'm in love with this gift.

2. This second item is also from my boyfriend. If you don't know this yet, I'm a bookworm and a sucker for pretty hardback editions. This copy of Les Miserables is what the nerdy side of me desired this Christmas.

3. Christmas Jumper from the bestie! YAY! It's from New Look and I can't wait to wear it sometime this week or the next :)

4. I admit, I'm an accessory whore and I'm loving these bead bracelets from Accessorize.

5. I've already written a whole post on this Zara coat, sponsored by my Aunt! I wore it for Christmas lunch yesterday and I felt so comfy and warm in it! It has definitely made it on my favourite items list.

6. My boyfriend's parents gave me this fuzzy throw-over, perfect for a cold wintery evening, when all i want is a cup of tea and a good book.

7. Who doesn't love cash presents to splurge on the upcoming sales! One step closer in completing my wishlist :)

Are you happy with your Christmas gifts? As you can tell, I definitely am :D

Lyn x


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Wishlist

Dear Santa,

I know you're very busy but I took the time to compile a wishlist for you and I would hate for it to go to waste!

Pretty please!! Thank you!


Monday, December 23, 2013

Styling a Pink Coat

If you follow me on all my social networks, you would have noticed that I have a slightly obsessive coat/ jacket addiction at the moment. It was love at first sight with this Zara pink coat. I've been dreaming about it ever since I laid eyes on it and sadly I'm not even exaggerating. Yesterday, my Aunt proposed this idea for me to buy this beloved coat as her Xmas present to me, as she was still going to give me a cash present this Christmas. Obviously, I did not hesitate for very long, so here it is! I also inserted three sample outfits of how I plan to style this overcoat but I'm sure I'll take a picture of my outfit when I decide to wear it. 

Zara Coat

Outfit 1

Outfit 2
Outfit 2

Outfit 3
Outfit 3

This will probably be my last post before Christmas so I wish you all a wonderful one filled with peace and joy :) I'm planning a 'What I got for Christmas' post so be sure to check in after you've filled your tummy with all the festive goodies!

Merry Christmas xx


Friday, December 20, 2013

What's in my weekend bag?

This is the weekend that we break up for Xmas holidays from Uni, so my boyfriend and I planned a weekend trip to get away from all the stress and work that awaits us as from Monday. When you're at Uni and planning/writing your thesis, holidays lack that extra element of fun and excitement and includes that extra element of relief that you have more time to work on assignments.

But back to the weekend trip!

l (1)

I don't know if you're with me, but I find that planning for just one weekend is a bigger and harder challenge than packing for a whole week! You have to take only the essential things that you might use and nothing else. And you have to choose what you're going to wear beforehand and plan ahead! Easier said than done! Here's the outfits which made the cut this weekend. 

I've been eyeing all the shops and online sites for a fuzzy sweater ever since the weather started getting a bit colder and I found the perfect furry black sweater at NewLook. As for the denim jacket, I literally grabbed it from the post, since it arrived as soon as I was about to head out, and left! I ordered it from River Island and I decided to opt for a larger size so it could fit comfortably under a knitted sweater and I absolutely adore the fit and the material. The blazer is also from River Island which I bought last year and the skull top is from Asos, purchased this summer, with the only difference that mine is not a sweater but a T-shirt.

Both pairs of shoes and my much loved Zara jeggings are mentioned in my previous post. As for the accessories, I thought the above would be the best choice to compliment with all the outfits. My black handbag is the ideal option to match any outfit and it is also the perfect size to carry anything with me that I might need throughout the day.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Lyn x


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Outfits for a Busy Day

If you're like me and try to deal with a hundred and one things everyday, you have to make sure that you're wearing a comfortable/smart outfit to support every situation you have to deal with throughout the day. Most of the time, I juggle work in the morning and Uni in the afternoon or vice verse. Therefore, I have to dedicate some thought to my outfit choices. Here are three of my most favourite outfits to wear on these busy days. The first is what I chose to wear today.

Outfit 1

Knitwear is sure to keep you comfy all day and this sweater has that extra chique added to it, with regards to the pearl collar. I got mine from a random seller on Ebay! You can never go wrong with black jeans. They give the needed smart look to the outfit. I chose to wear my brown brogues and a rose gold watch from Asos. As for my purse, I chose a nude handbag, that I 'burrowed' from my mum from Aldo.

Outfit 2

This next oufit is ideal for when you want to look dressed up. I chose a black skirt with a striped top, together with a gold chunky necklace which I always seem to be wearing! I got my pair of black wedge boots from NewLook and they're ideal for giving that sophisticated look without leaving your feet terribly sore.

Outfit 3

In this look, the black staple jeans makes its second appearance. I paired it up with a basic white top and a fuzzy navy blue cardigan. This time, I opted for flats and I got my pair of studded pumps from Boohoo. As you can tell, I have an unhealthy obsession with statement necklaces, so expect a post on my own collection very soon!

Lyn x


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Birth Day Post

Hi there! I've been thinking of setting up this blog for quite some time now. I might have had a blog or two before but it never seemed to work out. In the sense that, after a few posts, I tend to abandon my blog rambling completely. So here's another attempt, but this time, focusing on something that I most probably (I will try but I can't make any promises!) will not get tired of writing about. Style.

I believe in style not fashion, although I will admit, I love splurging on pieces which are VERY in at the moment but that I know will slowly fade away. But I also LOVE vintage pieces which sometimes makes me feel like an old grandma when compared to what teenagers are choosing to wear recently!

This is just an introductory post so be sure to keep yourself updated for upcoming posts. In the meantime, here's what I wore to Uni today.


Scarf- Asos
Shirt- Missguided
Jeggings- Zara
Boots- Topshop

Lyn x