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Splashes of Looks: May 2014

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Event Post: River Island Opening

Hey guys!

Today was the BIG DAY! River Island is now open at The Point, Sliema. I was soo excited that as from today, I can just go to the store and pick what I like and have it instantly, instead of ordering it online and having to wait at least a week before I can call it mine!

I was quite pleased with the stock as I noticed that most of the website's relatively new items were also brought to Malta. There were too many people to just roam around peacefully in the store but I did manage to pick up a few items and snap a few pictures! I'm sure River Island will be seeing me again soon to treat myself after finishing my final exams.

From neons and prints to gorgeous shoes and stunning bags, you're bound to find something you'd want to grab, pay and run!

Something from the menswear!

Seriously, it's back to the books for me!

Lyn xxx

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Event Post: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014- Bridal Fashion Show

Today I decided to confess a piece of my soul to you guys. When I was younger all I dreamt about was having the perfect wedding dress, husband and kids. I loved watching Disney films, can you tell?! I imagined myself having all this by the age of 22-23, since my mum got married around that age and I quite liked the idea of not having a huge age gap between me and my children. As I grew older and became more realistic, I noticed that the chances of this happening by that age limit were practically slim to none. However, I also realised that I did not want all that to happen at this moment in time. Despite of the fact that I'm getting older, I'd like to think that I'm way too young to undergo all that. At least, that's how I feel about myself in that situation. 

However, this does not stop me from lusting over cute babies and wedding dresses every time I see one. Which brings me to today's post, about wedding dresses not babies, of course! The Mercedes-Benz Bridal Fashion Show contained the works of three very different but equally talented bridal houses; Wedding Bells, Pronovias and Loredana Roccasalva.

Wedding Bells

This collection made me feel like a little girl again, looking up in awe at the beautiful dresses and the equally stunning Supernova models. Romantic lace, chiffon flows and elegant silk were all present in this collection. No matter what your personal opinions about what a wedding dress should look like, you will definitely find something close to heart in this collection. The first gown shown in the pictures is like something taken out of a fairytale, and with the soft melodies accompanying the models as they walked gracefully towards us, I truly felt that a happy-ever-after ending was not so far-fetched after all.


Elie Saab will definitely make some dreams come true with this collection of wedding gowns. From flowing gowns to intricate lace details, this is said to go down as one of the most beautiful collections to date.

Loredana Roccasalva

I'll be honest here, this collection is not for the faint-hearted. In fact, before the collection began, it was described as aimed for strong women. From dresses with feather pieces to models wearing flowy trousers instead of the traditional dress, this collection was definitely something original. Colours verged from the traditional white, to lilac, grey and black. The emphasis on detail is impeccable and you can notice the Sicilian influences in most of the pieces.

Photography by Dennis Calleja

Can you hear the wedding bells yet?

Lyn xxx

Monday, May 26, 2014

Event Post: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014- Charles & Ron Fashion Show

Hey guys!

A few hours after the much awaited Charles & Ron fashion show and I'm blogging the night away even though this will probably be up tomorrow morning! I must admit, this was THE fashion show I really wanted to witness for myself as I've read and heard amazing things about it from those who have been to it in previous years.

The location, St. Elmo Square was another amazing venue choice which has just been renovated. As everyone slowly started taking their seats, you could notice the exchanged looks of excitement on everyone's eager faces. We were positive that Charles & Ron will not disappoint and oh dear lord, we were right. Our expectations were highly met, probably even exceeded. 

Their collection, 'Humillissima Civitas',  was inspired by none other than our beautiful capital city of Valletta. Such an appropriate theme for the very exciting things happening to this city. The Trinton fountain is prominent throughout this collection; from crop tops, skirts to a whole dress solely focused on that particular print. I am having a not-so-secret love affair with all things white lately, evident in what I wore to this event (blog post with all the outfits will be up by the end of the week), which is what drew me closer to this collection. Also, the pastel colours with a combination of black detail is exquisite! The beautiful patterns towards the end of the show are just so stunning that my praise and words will definitely not be enough to do them justice. 

Well Done Charles & Ron for making this a fashion show to remember and adore!

Photography by Dennis Calleja
Lyn xxx