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Splashes of Looks: Event Post: Mercedez- Benz Malta Fashion Week 2014: New Designers Fashion Show

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Event Post: Mercedez- Benz Malta Fashion Week 2014: New Designers Fashion Show

Hey guys! 

Lately I've been experiencing a Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde personality transformation. Being a student, undergoing my final year at University, intense studying calls out for me every time time I open my sleepy eyes in the morning. Being a fashion blogger, May is the busiest month of all! Can you guess which role/ personality is more exciting?!

Yesterday was my first ever fashion show: The New Designers Fashion Show, featuring twelve new and very talented designers. Whoever is of the opinion that our tiny island is not capable of hosting such extraordinary talent has never attended Mercedez- Benz Malta Fashion Week- New Designers Fashion Show! It was held at the Casino Maltese in Valletta which immediately emitted that elegant twist to the evening. 

I'm sure you're dying for some pictures! 

Edith by Natalie Bronfman   

Natalie Bronfman opened up the show with a bang by introducing a line of Prêt-à-Porter for women. When creating this line, she was inspired by past fashion trends and time travel. Her pieces are very elegant and aimed for women who are looking for a clean line in their style. Everything is in the detail; feather, lace and hands down to a jaw dropping cape with black and gold trimmings! 


Next up: some extraordinary lace pieces from Gremar. I loved the statement necklaces which complimented the elegant pieces from this line. The colour scheme started off with an all-black theme. However, this slowly started to fade away; the final piece being a gorgeous white dress which needed no statement necklace whatsoever for it to stand out. 

Marta Gomez Vidal

Talk about different styles and textures! The colours and prints caught everyone's eye after the first two elegant lines. Apart from the versatile colours, the leather bags added that extra bit of detail to the tribal and jungle prints in this collection.

Parascandolo Marco

HANDS DOWN. My favourite collection of the evening. I don't care that it's menswear, I have got to get my hands on one of these slogan tees. Everything was so up-beat, starting from the music, the KEMM INHOBB and FAQA SEW tees and the ever-so confident models. 


Handbag galore! Get out your vintage, bulky bags from the back of your mum's closet if you want to sport the Fransina look. The over-sized velvet clutch is back, giving that oh-so-fabulous retro look. 


It's all about creating a vibe of relaxation. Churpina is the brand name of Charlene Joan Sant and the soft textures and pastel look is definitely something which attracted my attention to this collection. Also, the models did a wonderful job in portraying this relaxation aura. 


This line by Aga Rusajczyk is dedicated for the strong and mysterious woman. The monochrome look, the silky dresses and the sexy bodysuits dominated this collection. 


This was also one of my favourites. RED, RED, RED! Lukka's designs are mostly influenced by Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westwood. The floral details is dominant in Lukka's collection, giving off a feminine yet powerful vibe. 


The brand name by Alicia Schembri-Roslichenko and Mandy Farrugia. This collection iss unique, trendy, sophisticated and elegant all at the same time! Too good to be true, you say? See for yourselves! 


Martina Spiteri's line portrayed the five stages of grief brilliantly; the colours starting from black, blue, grey and slowly moving towards the colour white with last stage of Acceptance. The last dress was by far my favourite from this collection. 


Designed by Ana Nogueira, this line consists of bringing tank tops back. The emphasis is mainly on simple yet very stylish tank tops and gorgeous statement bags. 

Rosemarie Abela

Last but not least! This collection is inspired by Shanghai with a touch of Twiggy. The fine fabric, the gold details and the jaw dropping head pieces concluded the show with a BANG! 

What a talent! Also, a huge well done to the Supernova models :) You can find more pictures and information about the shows through here: http://fashionweek.com.mt/ and here: https://www.facebook.com/maltafashion

Also, I will be inserting all the closing line-ups on my Instagram channel in the next few days since I'm having a very bad case of slow internet connection today. This post took a lot of swearing patience and more than 8hrs worth of dedication. Check out and follow me on my Instagram channel: lyngrima_splashesoflooks and Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/splashesoflooks

Until the next show that my studies will permit me to attend! 

Lyn xxx


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